The Florida Women's DC Project is a collaborative effort of smart women and men, from every demographic, who have been impacted by the failed policies of Barack Obama and his Administration and the many scandals that have emerged. 


We are working every day to show the impact of the policies of Barack Obama and his administration and the Democrats.  We also pinpoint special positive efforts emerging from D.C.


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We are seeking to unify American women who voted for OBAMA in 2012 but are disappointed now.  During the 2012 election cycle we sent out weekly talking points so that women could relay them to their neighbors, friends and family.  Thousands of women helped communicate our short weekly messages to ever widening circles. 

If you are one of the many million women who did not vote in 2012, we especially welcome you as now is the time to register to vote and become politically active.

Until the 2014 election cycle begins in earnest we will publish news on our BLOG.

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  • Stay informed
  • Educate your friends and neighbors
  • Have hope

Please bear with us while we are constructing this page.  Visit again soon!